Tuesday, July 12, 2011

madilyns 1st Birthday

I really cant believe how fast this past year has gone, It seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant and here it is and Madilyn is already a year old. She has been such a super fun baby and has a great personality, she loves Quentyn like you would never know, sometimes when we have a babysitter over and she gets cranky it is Quentyn that gets her to calm down. I hope their relationship will always be close. Madilyn loves to give Draydyn and Timberlyn loves too. She is just a super fun baby.

random pics

Draydyns Birthday

We had Draydyns Birthday party at the Ice Rink we invited some kids in his class and we all had a blast I myself have never been ice skating and I muct say it looks way easier than it actually is.

Timberlyns Birthday

I cant believe my little Miss Priss turned 10 years old.

christmas 2010

It was a great Christmas this past year yes here it is 7 mths later and I am posting.
Madi decided to start crawling on Christmas Eve, it was a great gift for the other kids they loved that she was finally crawling, "Draydyn said wow this is a great present" I love the things he says he cracks me up.

Here are a few of Madilyn at her christmas picture shoot, my friend Jessica does an amazing job when she does our pictures. Madilyn has been super fun and we love her:)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Davis'

We went to visit my Dad and step mom and My Aunt Barbara and Uncle Jerry cam to visit also and I love seeing and visiting them. Whenever I go to my Dad's I always try to go by and see my great Aunt Roma; she is my Grandma Davis' sister and the only one left, I always thought she was my Grandma growing up, because I didnt understand why my cousins called her grandma but she was only my Aunt, she is a great woman and I love hearing about when they were growing up in Ray and Yuma Colorado. I thought I had a picture on here of her, but I guess not.
While we were at my dads we had a lot of fun, we went out to the alcova reservior and looked at the damn overflow, it was the first overflow or I guess the called it something like run off but the most run off since 1984, because of the droughts it was really awesome to be able to see.