Thursday, September 25, 2008

What state should you live in?

You Should Live in North Carolina

If you don't want to live in North Carolina, you might also consider:






Saw this on Cara, Mandy and Tara's Blog and of course had to copy..

You Belong in 1965
You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.">What Year Do You Belong In?

If the drugs are pysco pills, haha

Monday, September 22, 2008

Scentsy Book Party

Well everyone I am having a Scentsy Book Party and so you all know about it if you want a book to look or order just give me a call, post or email me and I will get you one. Cara hates my favorite flavor and they discontinued it make me so mad, it is Key Lime Tortilla it smells great I think, but miss Cara doesn't like it. It's a good thing I love her so much.... So I'm not sure when it will close or what not but I will let you all know. They are fun and smell good.

Just Crazy Busy

Holy since school started it has been crazy with one thing or another that I don't have time to post or maybe it is just no ambition to post, or nothing to exciting going on in our lives that is worth reporting. Some of my friends needed a new post so here we go.... And you know who you are.
We have been busy with tackle football and Quentyn, he usually has practice 2-3 times a week and games on Wednesday and Saturdays, they are the Vikings and they have won every single game. They are really good, and they just have that winning drive that they are not giving up no matter what.
And then having Webelos den meetings every Tuesday and so that takes up another hour during the day but is alot of fun and I have a great assistant Den Mother and she is so fun and I like her alot and so that makes it all the better to do scouts.
Draydyn has been spending alot of time playing with his cousin and so they take turns coming over to each others houses about 3 times or so a week, he just went on the mountain riding dirt bikes with his Dad, Grandpa Ted, Uncle Brandon and his cousin Brendyn. They had a lot of fun spending the time together. Quenytn didn't want to go because he didn't want to miss his Football game on Saturday and so we got rained on a little bit during Football but it was a GREAT game.
Timberyn well she is still saying that school is borin, but I am wondering if she isn't being challenged enough in some areas of school, but I am going to give it a little more time to see if she gets any better with it, but today it was actually so nice while we were getting ready for school, she didn't complain once while she was getting ready and that is so not like her, I think it is because she had a little puppy that Nana gave her, but we weren't going to keep it and so Nana came and got it awhile ago because Brendyn wants it and so she will have a little episode after school today because it isn't her and there is no doubt in my mind about that, it will happen I know her so well. She had a little spat with the neighbor girls(her best friends) this last week and I couldn't help feel so bad for her she was so sad, her one little friend said that she didn't want to be friends with her anymore because she wanted to play with their other little friend that they hadn't been playing much with and so when she came home she was just crying so hard and my heart just ached for her and wished I could take away the pain she had. But then one of the little firls came over just a little later after it happened to play with Timberlyn and so that has been going okay, but her other little friend still hasn't came around YET, but they did talk yesterday at church, so it's just a matter of TIME now. I can honestly say that girls and their friends always bring so much DRAMA to the house. Boys could care less about each other and can all play together no matter what happens. They are all so different from one another.

Draydyn's first day of Preschool

Sept 4, 2008
Draydyn started another year of preschool, he thinks that he is a PRO! He was so ready to get on the bus and go that he was up, ready and waiting for 45 minutes before the bus came. He didn't want his picture taken and so I tried anyways and the battery on my camera died right when I was getting ready to snap the pics. So then I had to wait to take one when he got off the bus after school. He wasn't to happy to have it taken, but believe me he did survive it. He gets a little mad because he can't go everyday like Quentyn and Timberlyn do. This is his second full year at Central Cove and they are great there. He goes on Mondays and Wendensday mornings and it is nice to have some time all by MYSELF... He wants to have homework sent home when he goes to and so we pretend he has homework and he loves it.