Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Davis'

We went to visit my Dad and step mom and My Aunt Barbara and Uncle Jerry cam to visit also and I love seeing and visiting them. Whenever I go to my Dad's I always try to go by and see my great Aunt Roma; she is my Grandma Davis' sister and the only one left, I always thought she was my Grandma growing up, because I didnt understand why my cousins called her grandma but she was only my Aunt, she is a great woman and I love hearing about when they were growing up in Ray and Yuma Colorado. I thought I had a picture on here of her, but I guess not.
While we were at my dads we had a lot of fun, we went out to the alcova reservior and looked at the damn overflow, it was the first overflow or I guess the called it something like run off but the most run off since 1984, because of the droughts it was really awesome to be able to see.

Slippin Slide 2010

On one of the few really hot days that we had here in Vernal,Utah; Timberlyn had a old friend over that she met in kindergarten and the kids were complaining on how hot it was and how they wished they had a swimming pool or something they could play in and then I remembered we had a slippin slide from Quentyn's Birthday a few years before, so I went on a mission to find it. No such luck I called Joey and asked him about it and he said it got thrown a way, can I say devestated kids I had looking at me. I told them that in a few I would take them to Kmart, so we were Kmart boundk found a great deal on the slippin slide $7.00 and we came home and put it up and the kids had a blast slippin on that thing!!

a real excuse!!!

Alright so by now we all know what a terrible blogger that I am, but I honestly dont think our life is that entertaining or exciting to blog about; and its so busy I dont want to get on and blog, where and when do I have the time? I thought that life would not be so busy and crazy once school started and I would have time to scrapbook, genealogy, keep my house cleaner than it is when my kids are home, be able to relax and do the things that I WANT to do, but that so far has not happened.
I'm not really complaining in a bad way, I'm thankful for my kids and my life. I'm happy for the most part!!
One of my friends is telling me I havnt blogged in like 7 months I wont name names, but here are few bloogs for you Jess, lol! I tell her I dont know when she has time to blog or read like she does( yes I am a little jealous) I admit so I am blogging while I am laying in bed really thinking I should be doing laundry or watching Law and Order SVU, or something but I thought heck I will blog for Jess!!