Thursday, October 29, 2009

lake Tahoe

We had a family vacation to Lake Tahoe during the 2nd week of school, it was a blast and the kids enjoyed the trip.We got there on a Monday and left on Friday. Tuesday we went to the beach and rented a paddle boat and we were having a blast and then all of a sudden the waves were getting bigger and the wind was blowing, the boat started filling up with water in the back, Timberlyn and Quentyn jumped out of the boat and then it started to tip and I got out and so Draydyn and Joey were in the boat and it flipped over the top of them it was scary. Quentyn and Timberlyn swam in and got some help and Joey, Draydyn and I got on the back of one of the boats and waited for them to come and get us, because yes I dont know how to swim very well, yes, yes I know. The water was freezing cold did I say FREEZING. My camera was in the boat with us so needless to say it got wet and didnt dry out until the day before we left we went on an awesome boat ride around Lake Tahoe, it is absolutely breathtaking. It was called the MS Dixie II.

New Updates in the fam

So yes I know it has been along long time since I have updated the blog and I have no excuse really since I have been on bed rest since Sept, it is getting really really old and I wonder if I will ever get off of bedrest. We havent broadcasted it alot, but I do think it is time to tell well maybe; I am pregnant and it was a big suprise, it wasn't planned, we thought we were finished after Draydyn. Got rid of everything we had because no plans to have another one. Yes I am still trying to adjust to the idea and frankly I am a little scared. I do however believe everything will be okay one way or another.
Timberlyn is way excited and told many of the neighbors, even when I told her not to tell anyone the little turkey.Quentyn was not excited one bit, he didnt want anymore siblings and asked why we went and got pregnant and I was laughing and told him that sometimes things just happen, Draydyn had a hard time at first because the other 2 kept teasing him and telling him that he wouldn't be the baby anymore, yes he is 5 but he is still my baby, hes the best snuggler in the world, so in that sense I have enjoyed bed rest we lay and snuggle after the other kids go to school, until it is time for him to go.
I am due the end of March and I really think that this baby is a girl, sometimes you just have a hunch, I knew Draydyn was a boy 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant with him, and so I really do think that this is a girl, so I am hoping that I am right, but we will see.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Glacier Park, Montana trip

Joey and I went on an awesome trip to Glacier National Park in Montana, on the motorcycle it sure is a beautiful place to go. The kids stayed the first 3 nights with Louise and Shelby and then the rest of the time with Ted and Debbie, they all had a great time and then Quentyn was with his Dad. We missed the kids so much but it was so nice to be away from them also. We left here on Monday the 22nd of June and went up through Afton, Wy and then stayed the night in Jackson at the State Park, because when we went to the Good Sam Park it was 60.00 to stay and Joey wasn't going to pay that much so we stayed at the State park for 19.00. We set up camp and went and ate at The Merry Piglet's restaurant in Jackson Hole that we love to eat at, it is great Mexican food, we eat there everytime we go there. And did some walking through the town and then went back to the tent and I went to bed I was tired, and the mosquitos were eating us alive.
The next morning we got up went and ate some breakfast and then went on our way to West Yellowstone, on the way out of town we were going o like 65 miles an hour and didn't know thast my camera case was opened and went to take a picture and the camera fell out and onto the ground rolling about 10 times on the side of the road, Joey said all he heard was me say my camera and so we turned around and just knew that my camera was going to be shattered and not even work, but luckily the batteries fell out and it was scratched up a little but it was still in one piece and still worked, Good thing Kodaks are so tough. So when we got to West Yellowstone we went to the store so that we could make something for dinner and ate grilled cheese sandwiches and cream corn chowder yummy...

The next day we left West Yellowstone and went to Montana and had to stop in Butte we needed 2 new tires, the tires were so bad the cords were showing and the guys place that we stopped at said that the tires were so bad, he didn't know how we even made it that far and would'nt even let us drive it acround the block the place we went to in Butte was called Two Wheels, awesome place and the people were so nice and froendly, helpful they were just awesome. When we left Butte we headed straight to Glacier and stayed in the Whitefish KOA, outside of Kalispell, I muct say it sure is a beautiful state.

Joey's Uncle Gary was killed up outside of Kalispell, Mo 4 years ago when his parents, both uncles, their wives and an aunt and her spouse were able to finally go on a motorcycle trip together and a deer had jusmped out in front of him and then a logging truck was coming on the
other side of the road and he was ran over by the logging truck, it was such a horrible thing and I will never forget GAry ever, he was a great guy. Anyway we were able to go and see were he died at and there were about 20 crosses on the sides of the roads, they say it is one of the most dangerous highways.
So we went to Glacier and looked all around there and meet alot of cool and nice people. Need I say beautiful again???
So on Friday we started heading home and left Glacier went down clear to Mountpeiller Idaho and I must say I thought my butt was going to fall of, it was so numb I couldn't even feel it, we went 700 miles that day and then went through 3 states that day and then stayed in Montpeliier and then left there and came home the next day. I have to say if you ever get a chance to go to Glacier do it, it is so beautiful, they get about 40 ft of snow there every year and then they have to do road work on the highways every year. So here are a few pictures of the trip, hope you enjoy them.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So on a Wednesday after getting home from work, there were sirens and the sound of some musical noise, not knowing or caring to pay attention, Timberlyn comes running into the house screaming"the ice cream truck is outside, I need money for me and Draydyn"
OK and the one day that the ice cream truck does come I had already spent all my cash that I had to pick up something for mt friend Jessica for bunco that night.
Not wanting to hurt her feelings or piss her off, if you know Timberlyn pissing her off is not an hard thing to do, so I thought were is some change at so that I don;t have to dig in the change bucket, I remembered I had a stash of quarters; that I had been saving of the new state quarters so I dug into them kicking myself in the you know what the whole time but when I saw how happy that ice cream made them then it wasn't so bad after all.

Lagoon Fun

So I have been wanting to go to Lagoon again forever, yes being the last time I went was O about 7 1/2 years ago and it was so fun, we invited our friends Curtis and Jessica to go and we took Shelby. The kids had a blast and I believe that the adults had a blast to.
Draydyn however was not so happy because he wasn't able to go on all the rides, he is not really afraid of anything. Quentyn went so many times last year, he thought he was quite the pro at all the rides. Our neighbors were there and he wanted to walk around for awhile with the neighbor girl, when he first asked me I told him he sure could walk with her, "10 steps infront of me." Yeah he didn't think I was very funny, me on the other hand thought that it was funny.

We got to Lagoon at about 11:45 am and we didn't leave until 11:00 that night it was so fun.
After we took the kids on most of the rides that they wanted to ride, we went and ate lunch and then went and rode some of the bigger rides and then back to the kid ones, we had alot of good rides and want to go back when they have the bounce back in July.And Cara you will have to come this next time.

Free Fishing Day

Well I only had one of the kids this weekend, and that was Draydyn. The other kids were gone Quentyn was with his Dad and Timberlyn was in Salt Lake with the Girl Scouts and so Shelby and I took Draydyn fishing up to Steinaker and fished off the bridge, we caught about 12 fish in all and released them all, I love to fish but I hate eating them they stink so very badly to me.
When we got up there and got parked, Shelby drove her truck, because well she needs the hours for her license and she is 16 and you all know how 16 yr olds are. We got ourselves out of the truck and shut the doors so all the mosquitos would stay out of there and went to get in the truck to get Draydyn's fishing pole, the doors were locked, do you think anybody else has an extra key? Well George does but where was he, no where to be found, so there were a few guys up there nice enough to try to help, the doors were so tight it was kinda hard, there was a guy on a bullet bike that tried to help and was so nice to drive back to town and get a metal hanger and about 8 minutes after he left we got into the truck, thanks to those guys and the guy on the bullet bike got back and we had gotten in the truck, he gave Shelby the hanger for future use, hopefully that wont have to be used.
We had so much fun and ran out of worms but were catching so many that I ended up trying to use the rest of Draydyn's cheese from his lunch, not so much luck and then I just put a spinner on the line, after my line broke, I was using Draydyn's snoopy pole yep I am a little crazy but it was so much fun and Draydyn was loving every minute of it.