Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So on a Wednesday after getting home from work, there were sirens and the sound of some musical noise, not knowing or caring to pay attention, Timberlyn comes running into the house screaming"the ice cream truck is outside, I need money for me and Draydyn"
OK and the one day that the ice cream truck does come I had already spent all my cash that I had to pick up something for mt friend Jessica for bunco that night.
Not wanting to hurt her feelings or piss her off, if you know Timberlyn pissing her off is not an hard thing to do, so I thought were is some change at so that I don;t have to dig in the change bucket, I remembered I had a stash of quarters; that I had been saving of the new state quarters so I dug into them kicking myself in the you know what the whole time but when I saw how happy that ice cream made them then it wasn't so bad after all.

Lagoon Fun

So I have been wanting to go to Lagoon again forever, yes being the last time I went was O about 7 1/2 years ago and it was so fun, we invited our friends Curtis and Jessica to go and we took Shelby. The kids had a blast and I believe that the adults had a blast to.
Draydyn however was not so happy because he wasn't able to go on all the rides, he is not really afraid of anything. Quentyn went so many times last year, he thought he was quite the pro at all the rides. Our neighbors were there and he wanted to walk around for awhile with the neighbor girl, when he first asked me I told him he sure could walk with her, "10 steps infront of me." Yeah he didn't think I was very funny, me on the other hand thought that it was funny.

We got to Lagoon at about 11:45 am and we didn't leave until 11:00 that night it was so fun.
After we took the kids on most of the rides that they wanted to ride, we went and ate lunch and then went and rode some of the bigger rides and then back to the kid ones, we had alot of good rides and want to go back when they have the bounce back in July.And Cara you will have to come this next time.

Free Fishing Day

Well I only had one of the kids this weekend, and that was Draydyn. The other kids were gone Quentyn was with his Dad and Timberlyn was in Salt Lake with the Girl Scouts and so Shelby and I took Draydyn fishing up to Steinaker and fished off the bridge, we caught about 12 fish in all and released them all, I love to fish but I hate eating them they stink so very badly to me.
When we got up there and got parked, Shelby drove her truck, because well she needs the hours for her license and she is 16 and you all know how 16 yr olds are. We got ourselves out of the truck and shut the doors so all the mosquitos would stay out of there and went to get in the truck to get Draydyn's fishing pole, the doors were locked, do you think anybody else has an extra key? Well George does but where was he, no where to be found, so there were a few guys up there nice enough to try to help, the doors were so tight it was kinda hard, there was a guy on a bullet bike that tried to help and was so nice to drive back to town and get a metal hanger and about 8 minutes after he left we got into the truck, thanks to those guys and the guy on the bullet bike got back and we had gotten in the truck, he gave Shelby the hanger for future use, hopefully that wont have to be used.
We had so much fun and ran out of worms but were catching so many that I ended up trying to use the rest of Draydyn's cheese from his lunch, not so much luck and then I just put a spinner on the line, after my line broke, I was using Draydyn's snoopy pole yep I am a little crazy but it was so much fun and Draydyn was loving every minute of it.