Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Family pictures

Our Family pictures turned out great, it was so cold during them it only took about 30 minutes to take all of them, we probably could've took more but it was so cold did I mention it was so cold? The kids tried not to show how cold it really was, but in a few of the pics of draydyn he has some rosey cheeks and not to mention you can see a little piece of his blue gum. So here they are.

we had to cancel our Bear Lake trip

Well we were going to Bear Lake from the 30th of December until the 5th of January, but our plans didn't work out the way we wanted them to, we all got the flu and were all sick. So it was really depressing that we didn't get to go, but I guess life will just have to go on. We will have to try to get there another time. So New Years needless to say was kinda boring, we went to Joeys parents for a little bit and left around 9pm and came home and watched a movie and went to bed, we did however get to sleep in the next morning until 10:00 am that was heaven. But then we had to get back into the groove of things since yesterday school was back in session thank goodness.

I'm really partied out

we have been so busy with partys since the beginning of December and I can't believe how tired of them I really am. since Christmas we have had 2 birthdays both nieces Jaecee turned 11 and Emmee turned 4 and then we didn't make it to our niece Cora's party she turned 2 and our friend Jessica's birthday was the 30th and she turned 25 and we didn't make it to that one either. So the next party is the 10th and that is Timberlyn's and then from there it seems we always have at least 2 or 3 a month.

I'm a slacker

Okay so I really have been slacking ALOT lately on blogging. Life has just been so busy, I'm not real sure if I'm coming or going some of the time, well okay most of the time. Our Holidays were great, but I'm so glad they are over and the best thing was that my kids really do know the true reason we celebrate Christmas and it's not about SANTA or the PRESENTS!! So that I am very grateful for.
We spent Christmas Eve with my Mom and Dad in LaPoint, we took my little sisters 3 kids over there with us since my sister is a little incapacitated else where. We had dinner over there and opened presents and then we came home. Then did the one present on Chritmas Eve you know the pajamas and read a story and then went to bed.
We even got to sleep in until 9:30 am on Christmas morning, got up Santa didn't come until around 1:00 pm because the kids were not very good and if I had it my way they would'nt have had Santa for awhile maybe a few days, but anyways they got some great gifts and really enjoyed them, we only get the kids 3 gifts and then they get 1 from Santa and then whatever they get from the Grandparents. So Nana and Gpa came over and watched them open the presents that they got the kids and then I cleaned up a little, went and layed in bed for awhile and then got up and cleaned up more and cooked so we could have dinner over at Joey's sisters in Roosevelt. So it was a nice Christmas. Here are some pictures from Christmas.

Timberlyn's 8th birthday

Wow I can't believe that Timberlyn is 8 years old. She turned 8 on December 19th and December is such a busy month, we have our Anniversary, like 10 birthdays in our families. Decemeber is always a hard month for me not just because it is so busy and with Christmas and all, but my brother Greg the one that died his birthday is December 31st and he would've turned 39 this year, so it is hard to have all the magic, with him missing, he has been gone now for almost 13 years.

But on the brighter note of things, Timberlyn turned 8 and so on her birthday we had some family cone over for dinner and cake and ice cream, I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, rolls, salad and then had cake and ice cream. I am going to have her a friend birthday party on the 10th of January at the movie theater we are going to watch Marley and Me.

Timberlyn was excited to hand out her invitations to her class today, I had her invite everyone in her class, because it hurts feelings to have someone get an invitation and you don't you know in the 2nd grade.I think she was more excited to give one to a boy named Joel in her class that her and every other girl thinks is cute. So here are a few pics of her opening her presents, yes I know she looks real happy.