Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random pics of Madilyn

Here are a few random pics of Madi, we really are glad that she is finally here she has been alot of fun to play with and dress up. I can't wait till she starts laughing and getting a personality, but I will miss her being so little. Sorry for the 2 that are turned I thought that I had turned them, but I guess not.

Dog's getting a ride

Draydyn got this little bike with wagon for his birthday and he absolutely loves it, he carries everything he possibly can get into the wagon, this past weekend he helped his dad haul off cement and old grass we dug up and hauled it to the field, Saturday while I was off watching a movie with the girls, Draydyn took the dogs for a ride around the neighborhood. I'm not sure how the dog stayed in for that long, Joey said both of them were in there at one time, but didn't get a pic of it. I think I'm just lucky enough to have had Joey get the ones he did. I myself think it is a cute picture.

loving soccer

Quentyn is playing soccer for the 7th year and loving it but only AYSO for the 3rd year, we love soccer and watching Quentyn play makes my heart smile I love it when he does what he loves doing, although he'd rather be riding motorcyles or 4 wheelers but thats okay too.
His team this year is tied for first place and I so am hoping that they take 1st this year and then we will be on to tournamnets. Quentyn does great at playing and the team has such great spirit and helps each other out so much.
I am sad when it is over but then we are on to tackle football and who doesnt love football?

Draydyn's 6th birthday

My little man Draydyn turned 6 on March 15th, we didnt do much just had cake and ice cream that night, I didnt want to have a big party and have it all planned just incase Madilyn decided to come early, so family just came over and we opened some presents and had a good time. He was so excited he got a DSi and some money, with him nobody can leave money laying around or he gets it and sticks it in his piggy bank. So he was excited when Brandon and Julie and the kids gave him 15 bucks (he tought he was rich) Draydyn already cant wait for his 7th birthday he askes weekly when he'll be 7. He really does crack me up.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Madilyn's arrival

Madilyn Jean Slaugh finally arrived on March 29, 2010 at 6:41 p.m. when I arrived at the hospital at 7:00 am that morning they didnt have me on the schedule for an induction need I say I was not happy at all that the nurse didnt call down there and schedule me. So they finally got me started on the pitocin about 9:30 am and I was only dilated to a 2, everyone said I would be there all day and night, I kept telling everyone that she would be here by 9:00 that night, nobody was buying it. I didnt progress much during the day I was walking about every hour for 30 minutes. At 3:00 I was only a 3 so not very fast going, I was up walking around when Dr. Lewis came by at 5:30 pm when he was going home and told the nurses he really didnt want me up walking, what a bummer I thought. I was still only a 3-4 but more of a 3 at that time and he said he was going home to wax the floor, peel potatos and cook dinner and that he would see me in the morning I said whatever she will be here tonight, at that time I was rerally thinking I would never have her, my contractions werent very hard and not strong, when the family and my friend Jessica left at about 5:45 they all said it would be in the middle of the night or the next day, I still was trying to convince them all she would be here by 9. When the nurse left at 6:30 pm I was still a 4 but my contractions were getting alot stronger and harder and told her I wanted an epideral, so she said she would call the anestegiologist, well he didnt come very fast, the next nurse came in about 6:35 and I was a 5 and still no epideral, well the contractions were right on top of each other and really hurting ans so strong they said they would call Dr.Lewis and let him know well another nurse came in and checken me this was about 6:37 or so and said she would be right back and didnt say anyhting else and then Evelyn came in and checked and said I was a 10 and still no epideral and I so needed to push and so I pushed 2 times and Madilyn was finally here at 6:41 delivered by Evelyn the nurse and then Dr. Lewis came in and said what happened I said where were you at I told you shed be here by 9 and he said when I left at 5:30 you were still a 3 and then only an hour later you had her, I went from a 4 to a 10 in about 4 minutes it was totally crazy and at the time I really wanted an epideral but so glad afterwards I didnt have one, I was so glad that she was here, we didnt get any pictures of her right after she was born it went so fast. Then after Joey left to go home to the other kids 2 of my friends came to visit Cara and Tyra they helped me get to my room and cuddled Madilyn for awhile and were such great company and help I love to visit with them, love their guts!!! Madilyn weighed in at 7 lbs 3.3 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long which I think they measured her wrong becasue at 4 days she was 19 1/4 and then at her 2 wk check she wazs 19 1/2 but thats okay.
She has been so fun, but has been an adjustment for all.


Okay it has been oh lets see 7 months since I posted ANYTHING and in those 7 months 5 of them I really could've stayed on top of things and posted but really there wasnt much going on, I spent most of my time on the couch or lounging around trying to keep Madilyn in till she was ready to come out. The kids have just been doing their everyday thing going to school, fighting and you know complaining as kids all do. But I love them even when they drive me absolutely nuts.