Friday, April 3, 2009

Getting my car detailed

This is a funny story. On wednesday I had a appointment with the detail shop, Magic Detailing.
So I called Cara the day before and asked her to meet me down there and to take me home before she goes to work, so she meet me down there, I have to say that I went to work that morning at 5:00 am because Draydyn had a field trip Joey went with him, so I knew that he wouldn't go to the babysitters and so I needed to be off by 11:00 am so that Joey could go back to work. I had to taske Quentyn to an appointment at 3:30 till 4:30, Timberlyn had to be to Girl Scouts at 4:30 and picked up by 6:00 and then I needed to be to the Rec Center at 6:00 for Boy Scouts, and at 3:30 the detail shop called and said my car was done I told them that I would be ther in an hour to get it they close at 5:00. So after I took Timberlyn to Girl Scouts, I called Cara again and asked her if she could take me to get my car, but she wasn't getting off until after 5 so she called Clint to see if he would, I told her thanks and so she said don't thank me thank Clint and I said OH I WILL THANK HIM, she said not like that! He met me at the house and took me up there, dropped me off. I went to pay and look over my car it looked great I went to leave and my car would'nt start. I went to tell Max that they must've left my key on and drained my battery. He got a battery charger we tried to jump it for about 20 minutes, nothing happened and so he figured maybe I was out of gas, ok how could that happen I wondered I has 1/4 of a tank when I dropped it off. He said he wondered if the guy forgot my car was out there running and it ran out of gas. Max felt so so bad that he kept apologizing I said it was okay and kinda made a joke about it, he said he could'nt believe I was so calm, and told me I was a model customer. Max offered me a ride since I told him I needed to be a the rec center at 6 for scouts. He took me home and told me that he would go get a 5 dollar gas tank fill it up and get my car started and drive it to my house and oark it in the driveway. When I got home from the rec center there was my car. I have to say that it looks so good and clean, I haven't drove it since I had it cleaned I have been driving the truck and the beetle I don't want to get it dirty it looks so good. They do an awesome job and recommend them to any of you. It was a really funny situation and had to laugh about it.

Could life slow down just a little????

Okay so I am not the best blogger ever as you all know by now. It has been a horribly busy 4 months and I tell myself that I will get caught up on my blog, but it just never happens. So I am now finally getting the chance.
Lets see where should I begin?? Hmm we went to my Dad's the 2nd week in February and had so much fun, I wish that I could move there and be closer to him, and my Great Aunt Roma lives there and I love to visit her everytime I go, she is so awesome.
My Dad, Joey, Quentyn, Draydyn and my nephew Dylan all went out to Patrhfinder and went ice fishing and they had so much FUN!!! My step mom and Timberlyn and I went shopping, I love going to Hobby Lobby while I am there, they have the best scrapbooking stuff ever like 12 rows both sides and its like a scrapbook heaven or something.
And then the sale of Girl Scout Cookies started, ok I must admit that I love selling the cookies, but delivering them really SUCKS, Timberlyn sold 2000 boxes this year, her second year being the top seller in the Uintah Basin District. AWESOME! I must say myself...
I needed church clothes and work clothes like no other,because I have gotten FAT I think and we went to Park City a few weeks ago and had some fun, and wished I had lots more money to spend, but now that everyone is losing their jobs, I thought well we had better save our money now.
I have enjoyed working the 3 days a week, and it's nice to see people that I haven't seen in a long time. 2 of the depatment managers that I used to work with are now assistamt managers and I love working with them they are so FUN, to work with.