Friday, December 12, 2008

Family Pictures

Well I have a good friend, and she takes awesome pictures and so on Sunday after church we are going to get them taken I am so so excited I can't wait. We haven't ever had them taken in the fall/winter, but always in the summer. So I m so excited to have some ones with snow in them maybe if it snows like they say it is supposed to, but you all know how the weather people are.
As soon as I get them I can get my Christmas Cards out so that will be a project that
may take awhile, if you all recall it takes me awhile to get think=gs done, in a timely matter.

I thought that I'd better blog

Okay so I haven't blogged for awhile and thought since I was home; Timberlyn and her friend are in the room playing and Draydyn is bugging them, Quentyn is with his Dad and Joey is watching Wyatt Earp. That means I have what???? QUIET TIME..... It is so nice. I really should be workinh on laundry, but that gets so old and I do it all the time, I thought I needed a break.

Well all of you will be shocked, because I still am. I went back to work at WALMART. I know you can't believe it crazy, huh? I am only going to work 2 days a week, and no weekends. So I think that it will be okay and all, I will do the comp shopping on the grocery side. They have some new orientation process and things and so for you all that worked there before also it is nothing like the "old" days. But it will be good I think anyways.
Wish me luck.