Friday, November 21, 2008

30 and Frumpy

I am officially 30 years old and according to one of my younger friends, she says once you turn 30 you are "Old and Frumpy"
It isn't anything crazy about being 30, other than I am getting bags under the eyes, and I've always sagged pretty much everywhere that it matters.

I did go to lunch with a bunch of friends and that was alot of fun. To bad that it could'nt last longer, you know hanging out with your friends for lunch.
Cara got me a way cool basket from the Little Sweet Pea and we all love that place. Thanks Cara I love ya so much and thanks to everyone that went to lunch with me it was so fun and so nice of you.

Twilight movie

So my very good friend Dena works at the theater and so I knew that they were selling the tickets on Monday and at 2:20 pm I met her up there with a few of our other friends and were the first to by tickets to the 8:00 pm showing. I was so very excited and I know it just seems as if I'm rambling around in circles which if you know me that is a usual thing.

The movie was really good, but the book is way better, and the way you picture some of the actors/actresses is different than the way they are in the movie. Don't get me wrong it was good and I would go see it again.

Picture Tag Thanks Cara for tagging me

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So cute. Draydyn and his cousin Emmee up at the Pole Creek Campground.
After a day of riding 4 wheelers.

I am tagging Marcie, Melissa, Amanda,Donna

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween party
Timberlyn had a Halloween party tonight for Girl Scouts and she wanted to wear her costume! I think she looks so cute as Wicked Frisky witch! Cara's daughter Anika is in the same troop so Cara took them and I picked them up. She was dressed up as a Hannah Montana! I loved Timberlyn's purple hair!) She wore it to school for crazy hair day.

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Happy Halloween to All....

So life for me on Halloween is always so very busy and I am always in a rush to get to everywhere that I am supposed to go, that it just gets to be so crazy. Since the kids get out of school at 12:30 on Fridays I thought ok so I can get the kids ready and go to my Mom's and so I can get that crossed off the list early, and then go to Aunt Darcy's house and then to Nana's (since she says I never get there before 9:00 pm) ok I was there at 4:30 pm and she wasn't even home, and so then we ran into her at Darcy's house and so she got to see the kids and myself since I dressed up this year, it is so fun and I loved it because people didn't even recognize me. But anyhow while at Darcys we went over to the Mott's and rode the train and saw the wild/exotic animals and then went home and I started making dinner and getting ready for the trunk or treat, which we did in our neighborhood this year and it turned out really good, and so I am hoping that we will do it again next year.

The kids had alot of fun, at least I was able to get a picture of Draydyn but that was it he was not going to keep his costume on for nothing and so since this is the 2nd year that he hasn't dressed up I told him that I was NOT going to get him a costume next year, although I did try to talk him into something for next year and told him that all of us would dress up as this movie, but of course he wasn't for that, but the rest of us are.

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